Monday, April 4, 2011

Emails #26: Icy Scenario

Rick and I conclude our sketching of a spec outline for a Cap film! -Ben

Act 3

  • Cap tosses the puppet President in jail
  • VP is instated or new election is announced
  • Cap reconciles with the General
  • Cap addresses the American people
  • The End!

12-17-09 R.A.
Film Overview
  • CAP in WWII, the ORIGIN
  • CAP in modern era
  • CAP triumphant after being defeated

RICK: Cap's origin needs to be told. This squarely sets the film with a chunk of WWII backing. How it is eventually woven into the overall plot is still up in the air.

The Origin of the Red Skull needs to be shown or hinted at. This cruel villain is the evil of the piece and he needs to be seen doing evil stuff not just talking about him doing evil. His personal attachment to Cap must be clearly and unambiguously presented. How the Red Skull is eventually woven into the overall plot is still up in the air.

Ice. Suspended animation. Will today's audiences buy it? If you are clever and not ham handed, the answer is yes. The ice scenerio was used in the comics to bridge the period of time from WWII to the present day. It is only a bridging device. How it is eventually woven into the overall plot is still up in the air.

BEN: I like our idea that they actually use cryogenics on him after the war out of fear and suspicion. They can just unfreeze him when they need him again, after all. The political motivations behind the freezing could be a thread carried to the modern day.

Cap in modern times. He must always be a fish out of water, out of time. He will never quite assimilate. This allows him to hold onto his deep seated ideals and not trade them in for grey, compromised ideals of the current era.  

Agreed. Although, I think especially given his age and since he's a fish out of water, there would be some lure to go to the grey. That lure could give some great internal conflict. I mean, sticking to your ideals is hard work and people talk REALLY fast these days. The lure to the dark side is strong. With his power he could make peace happen. No more death and destruction. He'd be a dictator, but he's a good person so, he won't get corrupted. He could make everyone's lives better...

Red Skull in modern times. He loves it. Adapts very quickly and brings with him a set of values which have no natural predator in the modern era.

New terrible menace. The new menace needs to reflect current opinion as to what is evil. Allied with the Red Skull out of convenience. Greed and secrecy are their watch words.

Cap must be severely weakened, discredited, destroyed, tarnished, shamed and otherwise scandalized. It must be easier for him to quit than continue. America must be against him. The world must be against him. The odds must be overwhelmingly against him.

He must win. Evil must be defeated.

The star of this film needs to be the American spirit, what makes democracy great, its ideals. Was WWII worth fighting and dying for? Cap knows that the answer is yes. He has always known since he was twelve years old.

I like the scene in one of the Jack Ryan movies, Clear and Present Danger where Harrison Ford is testifying at the end of the film. To get everything on the record, all the treachery and deceit. It is very businesslike. Yet, this is how a Democracy does its business.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
-Abraham Lincoln

In the 1950s we use to feel that television was taking away our comic readership; with today's exciting, powerfully visual movies I have to wonder about their effect on the kids' loyalty to the comic book medium all over again.
-Joe Simon

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