Monday, May 16, 2011

Emails #43: Wickedness Flourishes In The Darkness

"He was there for every battle even if we didn't see him."

"A feeling would come over me like he was in front of me deflecting bullets or behind me, backing me up."

"Sometimes it was like I could hear his booming voice on the battlefield urging me on."

"After we lost Joe, Cap was there. He reminded me that what we were doing was right. Yeah, I lost my best friend from high school, but I knew he died for something. Cap was right. Joe didn't just save the unit. He was saving the world."

BEN: Saying Cap is a manifestation of the American spirit is perhaps obvious, but I don't think Hollywood sees it that way. Any perfectly intelligent person might see Cap as an action figure, not a symbol. That's what makes the character a modern myth-- he is far more than the sum of his parts. Over the years, I think Marvel has had trouble keeping Cap's comics interesting. It would probably be because different writers and artists might see him more as a muscle-bound ass-kicker-- not the protector of freedom and liberty. Luckily, a film can most certainly bring out the reality.

With all the quotes we have, perhaps they're something we should put online? A blog of "Letters to Cap"?

RICK: Cap does not act out of vengeance. Cap acts out of principle which is why he is a leader. He is against torture, it makes him ill. He is against assassination and covert trickery. Only the strong tree grows tall in the light. Wickedness flourishes in the darkness.

The writer who wants to learn how to use dialogue in the motion picture should try to make his story understandable without the spoken word.
-Eugene Vale

The first draft of everything is [EDIT].
-Ernest Hemingway

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  1. 64 Fun Poses! I just edited Ernest Hemingway with an [EDIT]. Does this make me a bad person? One of the greatest writers of all time. Next it will be John Steinbeck. While film becomes more dependent on the visual elements to tell it's story, the importance of a solid screenplay is still paramount.