Monday, June 13, 2011

Emails #55: Strength To Inspire

Okay. This is sorta what I am aiming for. Not exactly. Mostly I am looking for a large variety of different ways to tell the Cap narrative and also give the human angle; the impact, the emotion, the changes that Cap made to people during the war. His strength to inspire will go from the lowest Joe to the highest general, from the peasants and partisans to the Nazi soldier in the trenches and the folks back home. If that means:

  • An eighty-two year old recounting events.
  • A letter home.
  • Flipping back and forth in time to get different perspectives.
  • A radio broadcast.
  • A news reel.
  • A newspaper headline.

You get the idea. I want to be able to capture the feeling that Cap is inspiring millions during the black days of war. I want to be able to do that by being able to flit through other people's experiences.

How to shoot a successful Captain America spot. Of course there is more than one way. I am thinking about two different SERIES of spots. The first series is the introductory spots to get people familiar with Cap, the Red Skull, and some of the other main characters.. The second series is the more straight forward action teasers.

To introduce:
No shots of Cap at all. The reveal is Cap's shield.
Steve Rogers as a boy, sick, crippled. Steve reading American History textbook in classroom. Steve standing outside the courthouse. There is a lot of activity.
"Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor! Morning edition. Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor!" From Steve's point of view: on the side of the building "Enlist Here." Stamp pounds loudly on a stack of papers. Rejected. Steve is left holding his T-shirt while other bare chested young men line up behind him. "Evil must be destroyed... " In newsreel style footage, Hitler is giving a speech to thousands of saluting troops. Tanks crash through houses. Machine guns rip through the night. Troops march, bayonetting all in their path. A map of Nazi advances cuts black swaths through much of Europe.

Action teaser:
In a series of rapid cuts, Cap kicks ass. Red Skull, in darkness hatches his plot against the star spangled soldier.

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