Tuesday, February 1, 2011

By Way of Introduction

Welcome reader!

Over three years ago Ben Alpi and Rick Arthur began a private email exchange not intended for outside eyes. A single, simple premise developed that guided what was to come next. How would you take a character with 70 years worth of history like Captain America and bring him to the screen in a modern feature film? This underlying challenge provided fertile ground for exploration, debate and creativity. It was only much later that the enormity and complexity of this material demanded the discussion be open for all to engage in.

Many questions surface and are never fully answered or leave a noticeable division of opinion. There are moments of argument, some very humorous stuff and a lot of exploratory questioning about what makes a mythic character work in regard to film storytelling. The emphasis on film is evident as whole scenes, camera, dialogue, casting, promotion and budget are discussed with no stone unturned.

This blog does not, however, offer expert opinion on Captain America lore, WWII , myth or screenwriting as it evolved from a humble study of these subjects. Feel free to add insight, facts, links or anecdotes by piping up in the comments section. This is an open view into the workings of a unique creative collaboration that may continue far into the future.

Runic Films proudly presents the blog about to unfold in front of you, Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth.

Ben Alpi - director/writer, Runic Films, Los Angeles
Rick Arthur - writer/artist/illustrator, Central New York

Stay informed!

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  1. An Introduction. The writing about to unfold was not originally intended for public consumption. Ben and I spent three years trading emails trying to examine Captain America as a character. It wasn't until very late in the process that we decided to collect everything and create a blog. And we made this decision reluctantly. After we started, a real Cap movie was announced and we felt it best that our unique findings find a wider audience.

    Runic Films has been generous enough to sponsor our efforts. Their tireless work behind the scenes cleared a lot of technical hurdles and allowed the blog to not only stand on its own but shine. We produced three movie double review movie features for THOR, X-Men:First Class & Captain America: First Avenger. Runic Films provided the know how to effortlessly combine Ben, writing from the west coast and myself, writing from the east coast into one double review where neither of us could see the other's comments until it was posted.