Friday, February 25, 2011

Emails #10: Biggest Fire You Can



1944. France.

We pan back to reveal Cap: He launches an ax over his head and brings it down neatly splitting the block of wood before him. He lifts the ax many more times and brings it down with precision. Wood cracks open.

There is a foot of snow on the ground. He stands in a clearing surrounded by log piles. Steam is rising from his body as he works. The air is frosty puffing from his mouth. He works smoothly and efficiently. He piles wood on his shield and drags it back to camp. Soldiers, half dead are huddled around a tiny fire drinking coffee and looking absolutely frozen.

A GI looks down at wood:
We need the heat Cap but we can't afford to alert the enemy...
A big fire will give us away.

Cap hands the soldier a block of wood.

Build a fire. Build the biggest fire you can. Let the whole world know that you are American soldiers. When the enemy comes, we will be warm and ready. We must prevail. Evil must be defeated. The light of humanity must never be allowed to flicker and perish. Today we face the cold, tonight the entire Germany army. Give yourselves hope. Give the world hope. What you do here today will be remembered as long as people live in freedom. Should your blood be spilled today on this frozen soil you will be mourned as heroes and inspire countless others to rise up. Let the cry of battle give strength to your hearts. This evil will not grow and we have a duty to oppose it even if our own lives are forfeit. This tyranny shall not stand.

Cap brings the ax down splitting a piece of wood with utter finality. The men erupt in cheers.

Logs are thrown pell mell onto the growing fire. Orange sparks trail up into the bleak sky.


Two miles distant a German infantry battalion halts their march. A GERMAN SOLDER runs back to the GERMAN KAPITAN riding in a car, an iron cross embazoned on its metal side.

Signs of smoke and the sound of Americans singing Kapitan. Very close.

They must have brought several battalions in overnight. I want spotters and snipers.
NOW. Give the orders to move troops. We must crush them for the Fatherland...

Remake of Private Ryan....

Remake of Platoon....

Remake of Full Metal Jacket....


PS inspired by recent snowfall...



I hear ya. Oh well. I suppose if schlock can fund original content, maybe there's a place for it.

NICE piece on Cap. Unique. Not something I'd expect. Interesting take on WWII life in the field. Even with all the tech advances even since WWI, a camp fire will give you away. Thanks for writing and sending!


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Rod Serling

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