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Emails #9: My shield...bring it to me...



Thank you for the Cap/Red Skull material you have sent. I feel as though we have gotten off to a great start. There are many issues to explore. What happens to a man when he is catipaulted in time 65 years?



My friend,

Thanks much, I agree, a great start!

I got this crazy idea over lunch. I was thinking, wouldn't it be funny if we were to send a letter, a 1-sheet description and a treatment for our film to President Elect Obama asking for a written endorsement of our concept so when we go to Marvel, they'll listen to us:) The letter would state that we think it is simply THAT important to America that this symbol is treated with respect and that he exemplifies the struggle we all face to keep freedom ringing.

If not that, I also wondered if we should post a treatment online for people to read and sign a petition of support or something. With the inter-connectedness of the net, it could go "viral." That of course could get the whole concept "gacked," (stolen) but it would be a risk we'd be taking in any case. Also, it would be a spec script on a licensed property so, we'd have to decide how much time we're willing to invest into something that may never see light. For some reason though, I don't think it would take us long to write. Maybe we should do it?

Be well,


Preserved in a block of ice, only global warming can free The first Avenger to fight again.




HA! It took a while for Cap to lose the Canadian accent, eh?



Hey bud,

How's it go? I hope all gooood! Here's some new news on the supposed Cap filum...




Instead of being frozen in a block of ice, Cap is lost in Hitler's wardrobe. We all know how fond Hitler was of supposed magical artifacts.

Even though the film will be set in WWII, the Red Skull is essential to the Cap mythos. Don't you think?

WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT IS WRONG WITH CAP'S TRADITIONAL UNIFORM?!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? Please. There is no need for black arms and legs. HE IS THE F%#*KING FLAG! There is no black in the flag. The gun and dagger are nice touches if you want to add doodads.

Let the rest of the film be washed, greyed and browned out a la Saving Pvt. Ryan. Cap should be the only color. Strong. Primary. Larger than life. A target. A symbol. A GOD DAMN LEGEND!! And he should not really be humanized. Cap should quote from the constitution and Abraham Lincoln. It is only corny until he backs it up with drive, with purpose, with resolve. He inspires by action.

"Cap you're hurt!"

"My country needs me soldier. H-help me to my feet."

"You can't go out there. You'll be cut to ribbons!"

"This is what I was made for .....gasps.....I will not let you down."

Cap stands fully on his own. Blood pours from open wounds. Outside, the din of combat is loud, close. The lights swing on their own and dust seeps through the ceiling of the bunker.

"My shield....bring it to me."

Cap can barely make a fist to hold the shield. He leans uncharacteristically against a wall to catch his breath.

Men in the bunker are watching, fearfully.

Cap takes unsteady steps toward the door. His wounds are great.

"DON'T GO CAP! THEY'LL KILL YOU!!" Now the soldier is standing in his way.

"The price for freedom is paid in the blood of soldiers who fight for what is right and with their last breathe oppose evil. L-liberty guide my hand and heart this day."

Cap staggers and pushes past the soldier in his way and exits the door.

The soldiers sit huddled in their bunker afraid to move. Within a moment, the distinctive sound of bullets pinging off Cap's shield can be heard lasting several seconds then silence.

"Come on boys. He never let us down, never. We can't let him down!" Rifles are grabbed up. Soldiers run through the door into the battle. We hear the din of battle once more as we focus on a single swinging light and dust pouring from the ceiling.

Then a magical Lion appears.........



Hey Rick,

Thanks for the awesome email! Hilarious! Inspired! I hear you for sure. I think Cap's acknowledgment of his human side really only comes out in the future-- and then only when he has to confront things like people he's left in the past and facing the corruption of his government. In WWII, he's pure light. He's unstoppable, his purpose clear. Just so you know, the shiny suit with black is not associated with the film-- that is the new Captain America suit designed by Alex Ross (not sure how he could create such a crap-tastic design). Of course, being that Hollywood always tries to put characters in black, perhaps it won't happen to Cap:) I like some aspects of the attached pic from a concept a comic artist did a while back (I don't recall if it was in a comic or just a re-imagining of the suit/character Marvel used to do), but it makes no sense to go that far. He's not a secret agent! I 110% agree, he is a symbol/target and he should be brightly colored. With the right lighting, the suit as-is will work awesome.

The thing that Hollywood execs don't get is the film should be able to suspend the audience's disbelief. If it doesn't, it's not the fault of the concept, it's the fault of the film-- whether it be the writing, acting, art direction, directing, editing... Why must Spider-man be bitten by a genetically altered spider instead of a radioactive one? Kids and adults alike will buy it IF you can sell it. I think you're correct-- it's the intent. I don't want Cap to look like a cartoon, but I do want him to be what he's supposed to be. Why didn't audiences buy The Last Action Hero? Because a cartoon cat saved the day. That's the (anti-climatic) writing's fault, not the concept that a kid jumps into a action film. Showing the stars and stripes as designed (or very similar) is perfectly within the realm of possibility.

I really like your scene. If you put a medic in there and the rest are the guys who brought him in, call it the closest tent they could get to, that would be awesome. They tried to get him out of the action as fast as they could because he's a freakin' red and blue target out there.

I also think the frozen-in-the-arctic thing is lame. I like it better that the gov froze him. It props up the idea that they have the tech to pull off the super soldier serum.

Perhaps we can write Cap's sequel? If they keep to WWII, then we can keep writing as we have. Even if some of the continuity doesn't totally match, no worries. Either that, or in ten years, Cap Begins! :)

Rock on brother,

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
Joseph Campbell

True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.
Arthur Ashe

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  1. A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. - Joseph Campbell

    Cap squarely falls into the category of hero. There can be no doubt about it. He is selfless and self sacrificing. What the character building aspect of his journey seeks to answer is the question, "Why did this become such an important part of his reason for being?" The serum he will take does not impart heroism. The events of Pearl harbor do not make him a hero. What makes Steve Rogers into a hero?

    Poking his past in search of clues we discover that it is a combination of transformative experiences, lessons learned, that make him who he is. What are those lessons?