Monday, February 28, 2011

Emails #11: Letters From Soldiers

Cap feels the blood pouring from his shoulder, the uniform is ripped open there. His gaze follows the path of the bullet through the silver dollar-sized hole in the shield that was meant to protect him. Smoke wafts from the hot edges. A few inches to the left and it would have been his head. He shrugs and the shield falls to the earth, still smoking. Cap stands without cover against his foe, the Red Skull. This will be a fight to the finish, good and evil.......

Saw an American flag flying upside down and at half mast yesterday (20th). Sore losers who are now expressing themselves by being extremely loserly and insulting. Democracy in action. Today, Obama moved to close Gitmo. The toughest lobbying restrictions were put on his incoming staff. Transparency rather than secrecy was given as the the guiding principle of his administration. The emphasis was on service, serving the public good rather than their own interests.

Now is the best time for a Cap movie. Or series. Think Rambo: First Blood Part II.....

Hope all is well,


"Inspired by Barack Obama..."

Perhaps we should write it, bro. I mean, you're 110% right that now is the time. As I think I mentioned before, I wonder if this is something we could actually post online and say "the time is now" and just have it out there for poeple to read and maybe comment or petition. Send links to all the pop culture websites. IN comparison to the WWII version now in development, I think now is the time for a telling that's partly contemporary-- not just 1940's. I think we could possibly spend 30 min in the past, but no longer than an hour. Cap appears in the first 5 min so, no worries there. I think it's important to establish his character in the WWII era, then we can transition to present day and watch how he deals with it.

Been reading about what the Constitution actually states about the office of the President. His job originally was pretty much to protect the union as Commander-in-Chief of the military. Even in Cap's time, the President didn't have nearly as much power. Interesting contrast.

I like your imagery for the showdown:) The falling of the shield could be symbolic in many ways.

I hope you and the fam are well!

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Hi again Mr. Rick,

I just wanted to mention that I do love receiving your emails. How are your projects going?

I also wanted to say "wow" to your mention of people hanging their flag upside down etc. That's not showing your discontent with the majority, it's being disrespectful to the nation and those who have fought and died under that flag. You would think people would realize that this country is way beyond any person of the day. Cap, I think, would take it upon himself to lower and fold the flag and give it to the owner and tell him never to disgrace himself and his country like that again.

I think that's what you mean by referencing Rambo. He's a man who respects his country, but really doesn't like "the man" (who I think is anyone who abuses his post-- police, government, military general...) He cares about his brothers and feels he owes his life and his freedom to them. He's also insulted to learn they have been left behind! In the end, John makes it personal and I think Cap will come to a point where he's forced to as well. Trailer!

I was thinking that The Red Skull would put a Bush-like President in power. Someone who trades freedom for security. But would he be so obvious? The irony (if you can call it that) of the last 8 years is that people were like "That's fine, I have nothing to hide." There is an inch-by-inch quality to the Bush method like the one you showed me that Hitler used. I would think that Skull would do something similar. Have a charismatic President who moves the country bit by bit toward totalitarianism. Would it make more sense for this puppet leader to be an Obama? Or perhaps he should just be an amalgam of lots of Presidents and I'm thinking about this too much:)

A method that some WWII video game series have used to link together levels in the games have been letters and diaries of "yours" and from real soldiers. I'd hate to use voice over to deliver information, but if we feel it's necessary, Cap could keep a journal or soldiers could write in their journals and letters about him. I would say only that I think a film might best introduce him from a 3rd person perspective, then move to be with him for the rest of the film.

Anyhoo! Let me know if you would like to develop this online like I said in my previous email. Perhaps we can work on an outline for the film or instead of a full script a treatment with some script pieces with description in between.

Have a great one!
Mr. Ben

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