Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emails #3: Terrible Times Demanding Terrible Sacrifice

Original Email Dated: 2-20-08
From: Ben
To: Rick


I don't know how "worth it" it would be to continue to actually write a script. What I wrote was more fan boy fun even though I feel in my bones something could be developed out of it. I would need to do a heck of a lot of research to write the film effectively and all that time could be for naught if some douche bags somewhere are sitting on their hands and on the movie rights (with no idea how to write or market it.) It would be fun to continue talking about though! I'd like to see why they thaw him. I'd like to see what the events were that inspired him to want to join the war effort, too. Was his dad a WWI soldier? WWII? Was his mom sending pantyhose to the front lines, working at the factory and sewing their own cloths? Are Cap's parents still alive when he gets thawed? What would the culture shock be for the biggest patriot ever to wake up in the 60's? Gives me chills! One other question is if Cap is able to walk around as Rogers or not. I ask because I see Superheroes as being bigger than us. Sups has to slouch to look human. Thor and Hulk have to turn into humans. Wayne and Stark are humans. So, it's an interesting thought. Should Rogers be Hulk Hogan size? Bigger? Or is it the suit and the legend that makes us perceive him as larger than life? And if there is a contrast, how might that be shown on camera?

Cool stuff! Anyhoo, thanks much for reading and for your comments. I look forward to musing about it further.

All my best,

PS How time flies! My Subject (Pop/Cap) reminded me... You were right, we were talking about Cap... I found an email I sent you a YEAR ago (Jan 23rd, 2007 in fact). I think we had been talking about it before then, too....

Original Email Dated: 7-16-08 (Script last revised)
From: Ben
To: Rick


I wanted to take another swing at the Cap script beginning and if you're interested, perhaps you can take another look? [link omitted]

Just a little more fun. I'm sure someone has the rights and thinks they're going to make a great film of Cap, but I know how tough it would be. Personally, I'd love to just read his books straight through from the start and get a real feel for him. If I was getting paid to write the script anyhow... Can't afford it otherwise:)

I hope all is well with you! The meeting on Monday went well in the 'Cuse.


Original Email Dated: 7-17-08
From: Rick
To: Ben

In the comic, Cap is frozen in an ice block and is returned to modern times long after the war is over. It is a different world with compromised ideals.

Like the Cap intro. Nice. Real nice. I am going to have to read it again. You seem to have trimmed down, compressed the action. This is more cohesive.

for fun..............

What is happening in your area? Who is attacking?


How many?

J-Just one Captain, America....

Cap is infused with the only real color in frame. The rest is washed, faded, greyed, muddied and news-reeled.
fade slowly to white screen. Let them fight on as if in memory.

Start with voice over on white background of General conducting meeting. (Jason Robards)

"World War II gentlemen. A terrible time which demanded terrible sacrifice. One soldier stood taller than all the rest to give hope to the hopeless that freedom would prevail.

We have a responsibility to continue this project."

The white fades in slowly to present day EXCU of block of ice. As the point of view changes we can just barely make out indistinct shapes and colors: first blue, then red, then white...

"The future rests with us. The decision we make today will be momentous."

Ice, turning comes to rest on indistinct shape of a star.

"He gave everything he had and more. It sickens me to say we turned our backs on him, left him to carry on alone. We are not worthy of him but today our nation faces the greatest evil unleashed on mankind. We must ask him to fight once again as a living symbol of courage, justice, and hope..."

As "hope" rings out a sharp cracking noise is heard. A fissure appears in the ice, smaller cracks spider webbing.

"We need you now Captain America! "More than ever. Forgive us son for what we have done."
Sound of ice breaking. Fades to black.

Fade in

Steve Rogers in hospital hooked up to life support and machines that go ping............

Alright you get the idea.

Fun stuff,

Original Email Dated: 7-18-08
From: Ben
To: Rick

Dear Rick,

Ping! That was... awesome. AWESOME I say. Much fun and heart swelling was had reading your additions. Thanks much for writing. I'm glad you liked the new pages. Perhaps I should put "Der Amerikiner!" back in:)
Rock on,


There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt 

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  1. In email post #3, I sketch out a scene with ice breaking and Cap being revealed. My inspiration for this was actually a car commercial. If you watch TV and are careful to observe car commercials you may notice several factors they share in common. The use of slow motion. High tech camera and CGI effects. Feel good close ups of drivers smiling while avoiding fallen trees, deer, ice, etc. Closed track, don't try this at home. The cars often take a "back seat" to the "feel."

    One of the appealing features is the use of technology to illustrate the point they want to make on an emotional level. In many instances, the car itself becomes a minor player in support of technology. Morphing, Matrix-style camera tricks, slow motion, outright CGI animation takes over and tries to convey a feeling. One recent commercial I saw warps to include King Neptune and space aliens (Honda?). There is always a insane attention to detail and lighting in these commercials. The voice overs too are great. Alec Baldwin, Jeff Bridges and Sam Elliott are current favorites, dripping with machismo and friendly authority.

    I wanted to do a section of Cap in this manner. Jason Robards as a general narrates over the top. I loved him in Something Wicked This Way Comes but he has been in a million movies and is an underrated American original. In my head. I can just picture the block of ice turning, glistening and slippery wet but a little frosted in the center. The camera lovingly captures small snippets and glimpses of our hero setting us up for the reveal. There is a sharp cracking noise! Fissures spiderweb through the ice making distinct sounds. Chips are flying off the main block. Cap is finally revealed. A tiny disclaimer crawls across the bottom of the screen. Trained stuntman in closed environment. Do not try at home...

    In the comics, Captain America is rescued by the Avengers. This officially "pulls" Cap into the modern era. What time is it really? The early sixties? If so, that block of ice has held Cap for approximately 15-20 years, like a solitary confinement prison sentence. Still forty or fifty years before our current day and age. Are his parents still alive? What does the world know about him? More importantly, Cap has become Rip Van Winkle without the long beard (suggestive of Father Time). The entire landscape of the world has changed. Russia is no longer an ally but an enemy. Germany is split into pieces. Viet Nam and unrest at home are just around the corner. Where does Cap fit into this picture? How do his ideals conflict with the culture in upheaval?